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I'm moving!

I finally decided to do something about this horrible username of mine- so I'm moving my personal journal to a different account. Yes, all you NYC people with your awesome names have gotten to me. I'm getting all insecure.

So from this day forwards, my non fanfic related stuff will all be over at tenet_nosce.livejournal.com. If you're a friend on this account, please add me over there too! :)




Who's a WINNER?

Me, of course. ^.^ I won the 'Tea' category of a photography competition. Yay me!


Fortune Cookie Wisdom...

Today we headed out of school to Noodle Bar for lunch, and as usual, we were presented with some fortune cookies at the end of the meal. Mine advised me 'Don't pass up once in lifetime offer' [sic] but my favourite was my friend Clara's:

'One should live life like a duck:
Calm and unruffled on the surface but paddling like hell underneath!'


Writer's Block: Local Favorite

What's your favorite thing to show out-of-town guests when they come to visit?
Waaay too much to detail in one post... but here are a few key things I like to show people if they come to stay with me:

1) Ephesus! An incredibly important ancient city and port, it's built almost totally from marble and features famous structures such as an ampitheatre and the Celsus library. The highlight of a trip there is almost definitely the ancient toilets!

2) The Virgin Mary's house. This is a little house converted to a chapel where she supposedly lived. There's also a special spring with four taps, the first three giving 'Health, Wealth and Wisdom' to anyone who drinks from them. Although to my knowledge it's unnamed, I like to refer to the fourth fountain as 'Love'.

3) The Bostanli Pazari. It's a pretty big bazaar that's fully functional: real people shop there, not tourists. A wide variety of clothes, household items, makeup, jewellery and food is sold there, and I love trawling for bargain graphic tees. You can even find stuff from H&M and Zara among other brands, because they sell the excess at very low prices- 10 YTL (like £3) for a sundress! On Wednesdays we get up at around 7 and catch an 8 o clock ferry across the bay where we eat simits with foil wrapped triangle cheese and drink hot, sugary Turkish tea.

4) Kemeralti.  This is a 'covered bazaar' consisting of tons of permanent shops selling everything from teacups to beads to silver jewellery- pretty much wholesalers. Once or twice we've taken guests to a huge bead store called 'Ege Boncuk' for a beading lesson, and I often get silver chains and charms as birthday presents for people.

5) Esek Adasi: Donkey Island. We sometimes sail out for the weekend and spend the night anchored there. It's called Donkey Island because it's home to a protected herd of donkeys, and let me tell you, they're living pretty well. When I was younger they had a hand pump and relied on people feeding them leftovers. Now they have solar powers and a wind pump. NIiice. Anyway, it's great for swimming, and I love diving for sea urchin shells- My record is seven and a half metres without flippers! *takes a bow*

6) Sifne: Home to mud baths and hot springs, this is always a fun outing. You scoop up mud from a trough and slather it on, and after it dries you wash it off with nice hot water. Your skin goes seriously soft! Then you jump into a heated pool, and just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter there's a a jacuzzi too! (Well, at the place we go to. I can't vouch for anywhere dodgy. They might have a hole in the ground you jump into and a heated kiddy pool or something. Eeek!)

7) My house, of course. Because there's no place like home!

Writer's Block: I Can Relate

What fictional character do you most identify with?
I don't think that there is one I truly identify with. I mean, I've never come across a wildly talkative x-men loving geeky writing/photography enthusiast.

Maybe Janie (Janey?) from that awesome fictionpress story, Hiring a Hooligan. She certainly was odd enough for me to relate to. :)

Writer's Block: Set the Scene

Empty parking garages, roadside motels, dark caves, dank basements, overgrown forests—what kind of setting makes you feel nervous?
Any time I'm alone somewhere dark, whether it's on the third floor at home where the architect skillfully placed the light switch on the opposite end of the landing, (ten metres from my room!) or even in my dorm room when it's past midnight and my roommate has gone to the bathroom.

...okay, the dorm room thing is only because I just watched the Heroes episode where Angela Petrelli gets attacked. You would've thought that my roommate showing me various youtube videos of Milo Ventimiglia would have changed my mindset before bedtime, but nooo. I just stayed freaked out. (And woke up at five because I was worried about my upcoming chemistry paper, but that's another story.)

Blogs I follow

The kinds of blogs that I follow fall mainly into three main categories: Photography (because I don't own any how-to books), Writing/Publishing (because it'd be stupid to start querying one day without knowing anything about it) and FOOD.

Yes, I require food porn on a daily basis. Let's just say that I'm in a situation where I don't often get good food, and sites like Pioneer Woman help to get my drooling self through to the next time I see my mother.


Digital Photography School
Yanik's Photo School


Editorial Ass
Editorial Anonymous
Book Ends LLC
Guide to Literary Agents
Jackie Kessler- Cat and Mouse
Pub Rants
Mysterious Matters
The Intern
The League of Reluctant Adults
The Anonymati
Janet Reid


Pioneer Woman (this woman posts amazing step by step recipes accompanied by photos. Go look. And drool.)
Bakerella (Cupcakes? Popsicles? She's got 'em all!)

(And yup, you guessed it- I'm still tired. And hungry.)



I've noticed that 90% of my LJ posts (including this one) are accompanied by the mood 'tired'.

...I must really need some sleep.

A Change of Mood

You may have noticed that my page has changed color. Or not. Because I don't think anyone actually reads this. Meh. Anyways, the change of color does kind of reflect my change of mood. I'm feeling mellow at the moment, maybe because of the weather. I need summer to actually arrive in this drainpipe of a country and bring me some sunshine. I dug up a poem I wrote about that a couple of weeks ago: I guess I'll share it with y'all right now.

English springtime

Is a cruel imitation of winter.

The sun that shines so brightly at home

Is shrouded by British clouds,

And the air weighs you down,

Chokes you, forces out every last bit

Of sun-fuelled joy.


I wake up more tired than I was

Before I fell asleep,

Roused not by the cock’s crow,

But by the dull thud of raindrops on the roof.


Is a little sunshine too much to ask for?

Would it kill Britannia

To throw a poor foreigner a bone?

It is not, it seems, her nature to grant favors

And so I sit, oppressed by gloom

Cursing British rain.


Writer's Block: Get It to Go

What's your favorite thing to order for takeout (or takeaway)?
Before Zenzeni's shut down- Thai Green Curry. Now we have to go collect from Yo Sushi, so I'm going to be super boring and say Miso Soup. Even if it does leak all over the place.